Adriana's Attic founder, Rita Marullo, was surprised on her birthday this year! She was surrounded with love and gratitude from the many homeless that she spends countless hours with every week! What a wonderful surprise!

Primrose Center Activities

A big THANK YOU to everyone that attended our H.O.P.E. party!
We made over 250 packs!


  • In July, my daughter and I brought HOPE packs to the homeless. We watched as a women took the deodorant out of the pack and applied it to her underarms, then she lathered her arms, neck and face with lotion. She took her shoes off, put on the socks and then sat down to eat. She let out a sigh like "OK, I feel like a human again!" It was very touching!·        
  • We are always collecting hygiene items, clothes, and food for local persons in need. Items are either donated directly to the homeless or centers like the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, the Fistula Foundation, Water is Life International, or
  • Some specific needs right now in addition to clothes and general hygiene products are wash cloths, men's white socks, deodorant, gallon size zip-lock bags, travel size toiletries and snacks.
  • We are now bringing bread, pastries and sack lunches to the homeless under the East/West Expressway overpass on Wednesday and Friday. We are in need of lunch bags, fruit cups, granola bars, peanut butter, canned tuna or chicken and drinks.
  • We are now also making HOPE bags for the homeless living in the woods on the East side of Orlando. We include bottled water and toilet paper in their packs.

April 2012 - We were able to get one of the homeless men, Richard, on Medicaid due to a heart issue. This enabled us to get his social security and off of the streets! Here he is holding the keys to his apartment!

Eastwood CAN! collects food the first Saturday of each month in the Eastwood community. Please leave your cans at the end of your driveway by 9:00 am for pick up. All food collected goes to the food pantry.
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