In addition to our local efforts we have brought our message of hope to other countries. Africa is special in our hearts because our namesake, adriana, was born in Africa.

 A letter from Rita Marullo, Director of Adriana's Attic, Inc.

We can not really put into words how we felt about our trip to Ethiopia; we loved the people, the food and the beautiful land. We had such a rich and rewarding time at Mother Teresa's Home. We played with children, did crafts, English class and songs with them. We gave the orphan babies lots of time and love and spent part of every day with the mentally handicapped boys there. Our classes were popular with kids and adults. Our oldest was a 70 year old man. Everyone wants to feel loved and special. We made sure we had lots of time for talking and hugging all of them. The well, funded by Adriana's Attic, Inc. is used often. They use the clean well water for cooking, drinking, bathing and washing clothes. It has made their life so much better and healthier! Before the well they purchased water brought in by donkey and when that ran out they collected water from the lake.
Thank you to everyone that donated to this well. Our family, Marullo/Rucci, sponsored a well at the Sisters school and church at Thurkur Wuha in the bush. They had a wonderful ceremony to thank us for the well as seen in the 2 film clips of the children singing and dancing at the school. It was so adorable! We told the teachers that we would begin fund raising in the US to bring electric to the school and church. 

Thank you so much for all the donations. Rita Marullo, Director

*The electricity was funded for the school! Thank you to all that donated to make this happen.

In December 2017, we visited the Othandweni Centre Orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa. We delivered many shoes and toys for the the children. 


Joe visited the House of Hope while at Camp Langano in Ethiopia. He was able to deliver many hand knit hats for the orphans.

  A woman pumps clean water from a well.

Joe takes a turn pumping water for the children.

Children enjoying fresh water from the well.

This is a typical example of a water source for villages that don't have access to a clean water well.



Water is Life International Providing Clean Water in Ethiopia

Joe and a nun from Sister's of Charity in Awassa, Ethiopia. She would not allow pictures of the children to be taken. Joe played duck, duck, goose and baseball using beachballs with the children. Joe fell in love with an 11 year old named Hylie. His torso was twisted from a spinal condition but he always had a smile and a tight hug. He loved the stickers and balloons.

This is a homemade soccer ball that the kids play with in Wotera. The cost of a real ball would cost a family 6 days of work. Joe purchased soccer balls in Ethiopia in honor of our granddaughter, Danielle who first told us about the homemade soccer balls.

The dedication ceremony for the well. The whole school performed; singing and dancing to show their appreciation for having a well built in their village.

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